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Working Groups RG Salditt, RG Stadelmann-Nessler
Open AccessOpen Access Yes
Publication TypePreprint
Peer ReviewedNo
DOIDOI 10.1101/2024.03.26.24304193
Publication Year2024
Title3D imaging of protein aggregates in human neurodegeneration by multiscale X-ray phase-contrast tomography
Journal AbbreviationmedRxiv
AuthorsReichmann J, Franz J, Eckermann M, Stadelmann C, Salditt T
First AuthorReichmann J
Last AuthorSalditt T

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 9606  NCBI taxonomy (human, Homo sapiens)

 0000-0002-6597-1831  ORCID identifier (Jakob Reichmann)

 0000-0001-7523-6622  ORCID identifier (Jonas Franz)

 0000-0001-6418-4310  ORCID identifier (Marina Eckermann)

 0000-0003-1766-5458  ORCID identifier (Christine Stadelmann-Nessler)

 0000-0003-4636-0813  ORCID identifier (Tim Salditt)

 1/444  Research Data Archive (supplemental material)

 02550n020  ROR identifier (02550n020, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)

 05xy1nn52  ROR identifier (05xy1nn52, Multiscale Bioimaging)

 021ft0n22  ROR identifier (021ft0n22, University Medical Center Göttingen)

 01y9bpm73  ROR identifier (01y9bpm73, University of Göttingen)

 SCR_018000  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_018000, arivis Vision4D)

 SCR_002285  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_002285, Fiji)

 SCR_003582  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_003582, KNOSSOS)

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