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Working Groups RG Lehnart, RG Rehling, RG Urlaub
Open AccessOpen Access Yes
Publication TypePreprint
Peer ReviewedNo
DOIDOI 10.1101/2024.03.21.586093
Publication Year2024
TitleUnbiased complexome profiling and global proteomics analysis reveals mitochondrial impairment and potential changes at the intercalated disk in presymptomatic R14 Δ/+ mice hearts
ISSNno ISSN (NLM ID:101680187)
Journal AbbreviationbioRxiv
AuthorsFoo B, Amedei H, Kaur S, Jaawan S, Boshnakovska A, Gall T, de Boer RA, Silljé HH, Urlaub H, Rehling P, Lenz C, Lehnart SE
First AuthorFoo B
Last AuthorLehnart SE

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