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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Metal-Induced Energy Transfer (MIET) Imaging of Cell Surface Engineering with Multivalent DNA NanobrushesWang D, Liu B, (...), Chen TACS Nano2024
Preclinical evaluation of CRISPR-based therapies for Noonan syndrome caused by deep-intronic LZTR1 variants(Open Access) Knauer C, Haltern H, (...), Cyganek LMolecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids2024
Model-Based Reconstruction for Joint Estimation of $T_{1}$, $R_{2}^{*}$ and $B_{0}$ Field Maps Using Single-Shot Inversion-Recovery Multi-Echo Radial FLASH(Open Access) Wang X, Scholand N, (...), Uecker MarXiv2024
SERCA2a microdomain cAMP changes in heart failure with preserved ejection fractionGotthardt M, Lehnart SECardiovascular Research2024
In-situ architecture of the human prohibitin complex(Open Access) Lange F, Ratz M, (...), Jakobs SbioRxiv2024
Mouse oocytes sequester aggregated proteins in degradative super-organelles(Open Access) Zaffagnini G, Cheng S, (...), Böke ECell2024
Near-optimal information relay by the neuronal population of layer 4 barrel cortex(Open Access) Revah O, Wolf F, Gutnick MJ, Neef AbioRxiv2024
A metabolically controlled contact site between vacuoles and lipid droplets in yeast(Open Access) Diep DTV, Collado J, (...), Bohnert MDevelopmental Cell2024
RNA helicase IGHMBP2 regulates THO complex to ensure cellular mRNA homeostasis(Open Access) Prusty AB, Hirmer A, (...), Fischer UCell Reports2024
Human serum-derived α-synuclein auto-antibodies mediate NMDA receptor-dependent degeneration of CNS neurons(Open Access) Garg P, Würtz F, (...), Bähr MJournal of Neuroinflammation2024