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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Conserved reduction of m6A RNA modifications during aging and neurodegeneration is linked to changes in synaptic transcripts(Open Access) Castro-Hernández R, Berulava T, (...), Fischer AProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2023
The multifaceted mitochondrial OXA insertase(Open Access) Homberg B, Rehling P, Cruz-Zaragoza LDTrends in Cell Biology2023
Defective COX1 expression in aging mice liver(Open Access) Witte S, Boshnakovska A, Özdemir M, Chowdhury A, Rehling P, Aich ABiology Open2023
In vitro reconstitution of chromatin domains(Open Access) Quililan K, Oberbeckmann E, Cramer P, Oudelaar AMbioRxiv2023
Intermittent Lead Exposure Induces Behavioral and Cardiovascular Alterations Associated with Neuroinflammation(Open Access) Shvachiy L, Amaro-Leal A, Outeiro TF, Rocha I, Geraldes VCells2023
The DZHK research platform: maximisation of scientific value by enabling access to health data and biological samples collected in cardiovascular clinical studies(Open Access) Hoffmann J, Hanß S, (...), Nauck NClinical Research in Cardiology2023
Excitation Intensity-Dependent Quantum Yield of Semiconductor Nanocrystals(Open Access) Ghosh S, Ross U, (...), Chizhik AIJournal of Physical Chemistry Letters2023
Impact of Phosphorylation on alpha-Synuclein Structural Determinants(Open Access) Dorn AE, de Bruyn E, (...), Carloni PbioRxiv2023
A quantitative fluorescence‐based approach to study mitochondrial protein import(Open Access) Jain N, Gomkale R, Bernhard O, Rehling P, Cruz‐Zaragoza LDEMBO reports2023
Mit Lichtstrahlen das Gehör wiederherstellen(Open Access) Moser TZeitschrift für Audiologie — Audiological Acoustics2023