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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
In situ studies of membrane biology by cryo-electron tomography(Open Access) Keller J, Fernández-Busnadiego RCurrent Opinion in Cell Biology2024
Myosin II actively regulates<i>Drosophila</i>proprioceptors(Open Access) Guan C, Nishi K, Kreis CT, Bäumchen O, Göpfert MC, Schmidt CFbioRxiv2024
A role for astrocytic miR-129-5p in Frontotemporal Dementia(Open Access) Kaurani L, Pradhan R, (...), Fischer AbioRxiv2024
Microtubules: highway to … arrhythmia?(Open Access) Liutkute A, Prosser BL, Voigt NCardiovascular Research2024
Cerebellar Ex Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging at its Feasibility Limit: Up to 77-Microns Isotropic Resolution using Low-Bandwidth Balanced Steady State Free Precession (LoBa-bSSFP) Sequences and 3T Standard Equipment(Open Access) Weigel M, Dechent P, (...), Granziera CbioRxiv2024
Profiling the LAM family of contact site tethers provides insights into their regulation and function(Open Access) Fenech EJ, Kupervaser M, (...), Schuldiner MbioRxiv2024
Click Chemistry with Cell-Permeable Fluorophores Expands the Choice of Bioorthogonal Markers for Two-Color Live-Cell STED Nanoscopy(Open Access) Gregor C, Grimm F, Rehman J, Wurm CA, Egner ACells2024
A subgroup of light-driven sodium pumps with an additional Schiff base counterion(Open Access) Podoliak E, Lamm GHU, (...), Kovalev KNature Communications2024
Variational calculus approach to Zernike polynomials with application to fluorescence correlation spectroscopy(Open Access) Gligonov I, Enderlein JbioRxiv2024
Toward Optogenetic Hearing RestorationHuet A, Mager T, Gossler C, Moser TAnnual Review of Neuroscience2024