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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Basic Science in Movement Disorders: Fueling the Engine of Translation into Clinical Practice(Open Access) Outeiro TF, Kalia LV, (...), Svenningsson PMovement Disorders2024
Three-dimensional multi-target super-resolution microscopy of cells using Metal-Induced Energy Transfer and DNA-PAINT(Open Access) Oleksiievets N, Mougios N, (...), Tsukanov RbioRxiv2024
Generation of a pluripotent stem cell line (UMGi270-A) and a corresponding CRISPR/Cas9 modified isogenic control (UMGi270-A-1) from a patient with sudden onset dilated cardiomyopathy harboring a FLNC p.R2187P mutation(Open Access) Maurer W, Rebs S, (...), Streckfuss-Bömeke KStem Cell Research2024
Label-free quantification of imaging features in the extracellular matrix of left and right-sided colon cancer tissues(Open Access) Arora B, Kulkarni A, (...), Ramos-Gomes FScientific Reports2024
3D imaging of protein aggregates in human neurodegeneration by multiscale X-ray phase-contrast tomography(Open Access) Reichmann J, Franz J, Eckermann M, Stadelmann C, Salditt TmedRxiv2024
Unbiased complexome profiling and global proteomics analysis reveals mitochondrial impairment and potential changes at the intercalated disk in presymptomatic R14 Δ/+ mice hearts(Open Access) Foo B, Amedei H, (...), Lehnart SEbioRxiv2024
The SecM arrest peptide traps a pre-peptide bond formation state of the ribosome(Open Access) Gersteuer F, Morici M, (...), Wilson DNNature Communications2024
A small step towards an important goal: fragment screen of the c-di-AMP-synthesizing enzyme CdaA(Open Access) Neumann P, Heidemann JL, (...), Ficner RActa Crystallographica Section D-Structural Biology2024
An aldehyde-crosslinking mitochondrial probe for STED imaging in fixed cells(Open Access) Chen J, Stephan T, (...), Chen ZProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2024
Integrative Analysis of miRNA Expression Profiles Reveals Distinct and Common Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Broad Diagnostic Groups of Severe Mental Disorders(Open Access) Poschmann J, Solomon P, (...), Heilbronner UResearchsquare2024