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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Adaptive minimax optimality in statistical inverse problems via SOLIT -- Sharp Optimal Lepskii-Inspired Tuning(Open Access) Li H, Werner FarXiv2023
Quantitative MRI by nonlinear inversion of the Bloch equations(Open Access) Scholand N, Wang X, Roeloffs V, Rosenzweig S, Uecker MMagnetic Resonance in Medicine2023
Generation of a genetically-modified induced pluripotent stem cell line harboring an oncogenic gene variant KRAS p.G12V(Open Access) Busley AV, Kleinsorge M, Cyganek LStem Cell Research2023
Generation of a genetically-modified induced pluripotent stem cell line harboring a Noonan syndrome-associated gene variant MRAS p.G23V(Open Access) Busley AV, Cyganek LStem Cell Research2023
The genetic spectrum of congenital ocular motor apraxia type Cogan: an observational study, continued(Open Access) Schröder S, Yigit G, (...), Brockmann KOrphanet Journal of Rare Diseases2023
Three-dimensional analysis of human pancreatic cancer specimens by phase-contrast based X-ray tomography – the next dimension of diagnosis(Open Access) Pinkert-Leetsch D, Frohn J, Ströbel P, Alves F, Salditt T, Missbach-Guentner JCancer Imaging2023
A metabolically controlled contact site between lipid droplets and vacuoles(Open Access) Diep DTV, Collado JF, (...), Bohnert MbioRxiv2023
Vimentin intermediate filaments structure and mechanically support microtubules in cells(Open Access) Blob A, Ventzke D, (...), Köster SbioRxiv2023
Protein transport along the presequence pathwayMakki A, Rehling PBiological Chemistry2023
Structural basis of catalytic activation in human splicing(Open Access) Schmitzová J, Cretu C, Dienemann C, Urlaub H, Pena VNature2023