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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Effective exosomes reduction in hypercholesterinemic patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases by lipoprotein apheresis: Exosomes apheresisSchröder S, Epple R, Fischer A, Schettler VJJTherapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis2024
Mechanism of human PINK1 activation at the TOM complex in a reconstituted system(Open Access) Raimi OG, Ojha H, (...), Muqit MMKScience Advances2024
GestaltMatcher Database - A global reference for facial phenotypic variability in rare human diseases(Open Access) Hsieh T, Lesmann H, (...), Olinger EResearchsquare2024
The maintenance of oocytes in the mammalian ovary involves extreme protein longevity(Open Access) Harasimov K, Gorry RL, (...), Schuh MNature Cell Biology2024
Plasma extracellular vesicle tau and TDP-43 as diagnostic biomarkers in FTD and ALS(Open Access) Chatterjee M, Özdemir S, (...), Schneider ANature Medicine2024
Autonomous bioluminescence emission from transgenic mice(Open Access) Kiszka KA, Dullin C, (...), Gregor CbioRxiv2024
X-ray phase-contrast tomography of cells manipulated with an optical stretcher(Open Access) Burchert J, Frohn J, (...), Köster SJournal of Synchrotron Radiation2024
Lysosomal signalling pathways influence heart rhythm, and regulate atrial function(Open Access) Capel RA, Akerman E, (...), Burton RABbioRxiv2024
Open Problem: Active Representation Learning(Open Access) Milosevic N, Müller G, Huisken J, Scherf NarXiv2024
Lipidic folding pathway of α-Synuclein via a toxic oligomer(Open Access) Griesinger C, Sant V, (...), Andreas LResearchsquare2024