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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Single-particle Cryo-EM and molecular dynamics simulations: A perfect match(Open Access) Bock LV, Igaev M, Grubmüller HCurrent Opinion in Structural Biology2024
Through the Haze: Unveiling the Link Between Smoking and Atrial FibrillationMason FE, Voigt NAmerican Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology2024
Author Correction: Single-cell transcriptomics reveal extracellular vesicles secretion with a cardiomyocyte proteostasis signature during pathological remodeling(Open Access) Schoger E, Bleckwedel F, (...), Zelarayán LCCommunications Biology2024
CaV1.3 channel clusters characterized by live-cell and isolated plasma membrane nanoscopy(Open Access) Schwenzer N, Teiwes NK, (...), Steinem CCommunications Biology2024
The molecular machinery for maturation of primary mtDNA transcripts(Open Access) Vučković A, Freyer C, Wredenberg A, Hillen HSHuman Molecular Genetics2024
Coordinating mitochondrial translation with assembly of the OXPHOS complexes(Open Access) Kremer LS, Rehling PHuman Molecular Genetics2024
CDK7 kinase activity promotes RNA polymerase II promoter escape by facilitating initiation factor release(Open Access) Velychko T, Mohammad E, (...), Lidschreiber MMolecular Cell2024
Metabolic remodelling in atrial fibrillation: manifestations, mechanisms and clinical implicationsBode D, Pronto JRD, Schiattarella GG, Voigt NNature Reviews Cardiology2024
Characterizing intracellular mechanics via optical tweezers-based microrheology(Open Access) Vos BE, Muenker TM, Betz TCurrent Opinion in Cell Biology2024
Catching up but still miles behind—a patient registry for otoferlin(Open Access) Vona B, Wollnik B, Strenzke N, Moser TExperimental & Molecular Medicine2024