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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
The COMBO window: A chronic cranial implant for multiscale circuit interrogation in mice(Open Access) Edelman BJ, Siegenthaler D, (...), Macé EPLOS Biology2024
Impaired Intracellular Calcium Buffering Contributes to the Arrhythmogenic Substrate in Atrial Myocytes From Patients With Atrial FibrillationFakuade FE, Hubricht D, (...), Voigt NCirculation2024
Aging and neurodegeneration: From molecular mechanisms to therapeutic interventions(Open Access) Outeiro TF, Brocardo PS, Gelain DPJournal of Neurochemistry2024
Structural insights into the regulation of RyR1 by S100A1(Open Access) Weninger G, Miotto MC, (...), Marks ARProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2024
Interfering with aggregated α-synuclein in advanced melanoma leads to a major upregulation of MHC class II proteinsFokken C, Silbern I, (...), Becker DMelanoma Research2024
A roadmap for ribosome assembly in human mitochondria(Open Access) Lavdovskaia E, Hanitsch E, (...), Richter-Dennerlein RNature Structural & Molecular Biology2024
Neurofilament Light Chain Serum Levels Mirror Age and Disability in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis(Open Access) Husseini L, Jung J, (...), Weber MSNeurology Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation2024
Devising a framework of optogenetic coding in the auditory pathway: Insights from auditory midbrain recordings(Open Access) Michael M, Wolf BJ, Klinge-Strahl A, Jeschke M, Moser T, Dieter ABrain Stimulation2023
The unique biomechanics of intermediate filaments – From single filaments to cells and tissuesRölleke U, Kumari P, Meyer R, Köster SCurrent Opinion in Cell Biology2023
Tracking cell turnover in human brain using 15N-thymidine imaging mass spectrometry(Open Access) Roeder SS, Bonnin EA, (...), Huttner HBFrontiers in Neuroscience2023